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Bezuki is a typical Indonesian tobacco, a land blessed by the sun, volcanic soil and an adequate degree of humidity, ideal for cultivating and treating this truly special tobacco. The Bezuki belongs to the Dark Air Cured class. The tobaccos belonging to this class are used for the manufacture of cigars, are air-conditioned and undergo fermentation after which the leaves get a very dark color and very distinct aromatic characteristics. Bezuki is used to produce many cigars both as a Wrapper (as a Binder and as a Filler), often preferred for its remarkable aromatic characteristics at Connecticut Shade, One of the most used bandwidths. The Bezuki Tobacco Extract, belonging to our Elite Line, will surprise you with a unique and unusual aroma from any other, intense and spicy tobacco that allows you to create new and fulfilling Blend customized. The Bezuki is a must for cricket enthusiasts and lovers looking for that particular flavor that can only be found in a quality cigar.


Content: 10ml


Not be vaped on its own.

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