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Officine Svapo


Officine Svapo is an Italian brand notable for it's exquisite range of tobacco flavoured e-liquids. Launched in 2012 their goal was to produce a genuine and authentic tobacco experience for vapers worldwide, since then they have established themselves as one of the truly unique brands that still continue to cater for a demographic that others have often ignored.

A classically styled Italian brand with a mature, very upmarket and classy image that differs radically from a lot of other vaping companies. Taking tobacco inspired vaping to another level they specialise in wooden e-cigars and e-pipes as well as a luxurious range of tobacco flavoured e-liquid.

If you are looking for an authentic tobacco experience from your daily vaping then these guys should be top your list to try. From the cigar tobacco inspired Latino n.55 with a tempting and decadent aroma of hibiscus and acacia wood to a more traditional cigarette tobacco of Smoked Virginia n.12.

Ideally enjoyed with an espresso or cappuccino, these e-liquids will give you a level of satisfaction that only a true honest tobacco flavour can provide.