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Piloto Cubano
Piloto Cubano

After the 1959 Revolution in Cuba, some growers migrated to the Dominican Republic, carrying seeds and the art of cultivating and treating the "Tabaco Negro Cubano", whose species is divided into two main families: Criollo and Corojo . From these 2 families of Cuban Tobaccos many of the successive hybridizations have also been used today for the Cigani Cigars manufacturing such as Criollo 98, Corojo 99, Habana 92 ​​and Habana 2000. Piloto Cubano takes its name from its Cuban city of origin, Pilotos in the Pinar del Rio Region, landed in the Dominican Republic in 1960 where the terrain and the climatic conditions are ideal for the cultivation of this pioneer of the Havanensis family cultivated outside the land of origin. Pilot Cuban belongs to the Dark Air Cured Class. The tobaccos belonging to this class are used for the manufacture of cigars, are air-conditioned and undergo fermentation after which the leaves get a very dark color and very distinct aromatic characteristics. The Pilot Cuban we selected is a Sun-Grown-Filler, a tobacco grown in the sun and used as a filling in cigar manufacturing. The peculiarity of this tobacco is that it is soft and enveloping and will be an exceptional whip companion for Cuban Cigars and Cigars lovers looking for that unique flavor that can only be found by smelling the true Cuban cigar.


Content: 10ml


Not to be vaped on its own.

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