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The Mamasan

The Mamasan E-Liquid is a new premium e-juice company launching May 2016. Handcrafted and bottle “Straight out of Los Angeles”, The Mamasan E-Liquid offers unique flavors, as these are one-of-a-kind Asian inspired flavors that are truly different and will become your next all day vape.

Does your tongue crave luscious fruits that are as exotic as they are juicy? If so, no vape juice brand is going to satisfy your taste buds like The Mamasan. This Asian-inspired brand delivers sensual fruit blends that you simply can’t find anywhere else. Made with the very best ingredients, each vape juice from them is extremely high in quality and intensely flavorful.

The Mamasan is devoted to using only food grade ingredients that have been manufactured in the United States. That’s why vape enthusiasts around the world can’t get enough of their extraordinary fruity flavors. Try any of the vape juices from their collection and you will see why The Mamason has won over the vaping community.

If you want exotic fruity flavors, The Mamasan is the brand to explore. These carefully-crafted vape juice flavors are a step above the rest, authentic in flavor and extremely high in quality. Each of them are guaranteed to quench your thirst and delight your sweet tooth like nothing else on the planet.