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Specialists in the creation of handcrafted liquids for e-cigarettes, cold extracted from natural tobacco leaves. Vaporificio was founded by Tobacco experts and Organic chemists experienced in macerated cold extraction.
The Vaporificio was born out of cooperation between: experts from the tobacco sector, and an expert team, specialized in both organic chemistry and maceration process of aromatic essences.
With a deep knowledge of the tobacco product we have retained the characteristic flavour of different tobacco blends 
The Vaporificio's liquids for the electronic cigarette are made with organic compounds, or organic extracts without the addition of artificial flavors or synthetic additives. 
After carrying out several researches and experiments to preserve the aromatic part of tobacco, we found the best solution with the cold extraction by maceration.
Although this method has been known since ancient times, it was in fact already adopted in Ancient Rome to fix essences and enhance flavors, remains therefore the most natural and valid method.