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Nicotine is zeer verslavend. Het gebruik ervan wordt afgeraden voor niet-rokers.


Nicotine is highly addictive. The use of it is not recommended for non-smokers.


The e-juice determines for the most part your vape experience in taste, smell, throat hit and vapor production. You can make a choice between tobacco, fruity, creamy, balsamic and drinks flavors. Then you can determine yourself the amount of nicotine you desire. They are PG (Propylene glycol) / VG (Vegetal Glycerin) e-juices.

 Nicotine liquids are not suitable for: 

- Minors!

- People who have never smoked!

- People who are sensitive to nicotine!

- Pregnant / lactating women!


Keep the liquids out of reach of children and pets!


Due to the fact that we cannot ascertain if e-liquids have been doctored / tampered with, we are not able to accept returns of any e-liquids whether they are unopened, un-used or remain sealed. We don’t accept e-liquid returns based on someone simply not liking a taste.

E-juices are subject to personal taste and therefore cannot be returned or refunded, as taste differs for each individual and how the flavor reflects on their palette.