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Please carefully read the following terms and conditions

Warranty period provided by E-Blow:


Product type Warranty period (from the day of your purchase):


- Batteries (ego, Kanger, Vision ): 2 months.

- Mod’s batteries (18650,26650…Samsung 30q, Sony VTC5): These are consumable items, are not covered by a warranty.Expect a typical lifetime of 300 charges.

-Box Mods (electronics): 2 months. The guarantee covers manufacturer defects and any repairs, or replacements, if deemed to be faulty or beyond repair.

-Mechanical Mods: 30 days warranty applies to all mechanical mods.These items are NOT for inexperienced users. E-Blow accepts no responsability for damage caused by the incorrect assembling or improper use of any mechanical mod.

- Chargers: 3 months.

- Rebuildable Atomizers: Faulty when unboxing.

- Atomizers, clearomizers, accessories: No Warranty. All atomizers are disposable attachments. Once an atomizer is used, for hygienic reasons, no warranty coverage or replacement will be offered.

-Coils/atomizer heads/cartomizers: These are consumable items lasting anything from a few days to a couple of weeks and in most cases there is no warranty at all, but you are of course covered for items that are faulty when you receive them.


Our warranty does not cover damaged product from faulty use such as: accidental fall, use of wrong power cables or adapters.


Please keep the receipt related to the product and the boxes as you will be demanded to provide them.

Please carefully wrap and protect the products as we only accept products fully returned with their original packing and in good condition.

Upon request, E-Blow Vape Shop Amsterdam ​may ask the customer to return a product when fulfilling our warranty. Due to the possibility of damage or loss during shipping, it is recommended that customers use delivery confirmation/tracking when shipping packages to us. Our company will not be responsible for any damaged, stolen or lost packages in transit.

Replacement occurs when a faulty products had not been damaged (too many scratches, broken, impacts) and results faulty.


No Warranty for your products if :

1. Is/are damaged because of negligence, abuse or accident.

2. Is/are damaged because of an external energy source (lightning, over-voltage, short-circuit).

3. Is/are not working resulting of user error.

4. Has/have not been bought from E-Blow or identified as not from E-Blow.


Warranty does not cover :

1. Physical aspect of the products : scratches, impacts.

2. Damages caused by misusing the products,a not conform use or inadequate maintenance.

3. If the product has been disassembled.


Faulty goods:Goods returned will be checked for faults from our after sale service;You will be asked to leave us your item and your generality; you will be contacted within 48 hours. We are unable to exchange any products we find that are not faulty after we check them, and customer may be asked to cover charge of pack coils if our after sale service need to exchange it.


Important note: We don't accept items back based on someone simply not liking performances.

If the product is deemed to be a manufacturer defect, we will replace it. If, however, the item is discovered to be the result of user error, then we will send the item back to you at your own cost(if buyed on-line).

You will be responsible for the shipping cost associated with items that are sent in for an exchange that are not defective.


For sanitary reasons, and the overall safety of our customers, we DO NOT accept returns of: atomizers, clearomizers, cartomizers, bottled liquid, drip tips, batteries, wick, wire, mechanical mods, rebuildable devices and atomizers and parts for rebuildables and/or atomizers.

Due to the fact that we cannot ascertain if e liquids have been doctored / tampered with, we are not able to accept returns of any e-liquids whether they are unopened, un-used or remain sealed. We don’t accept e-liquid returns based on someone simply not liking a taste.

 EJuices are subject to personal taste and therefor cannot be returned or refunded, as taste differs for each individual and how the flavor reflects on their palette.